Making a Good Name

As a resolution for 2010, I decided to give myself a good name. This is the documentation of my progress.

What did I get myself into?

Jun 14


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, 2004 by greenequalslife



Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, 2004 by greenequalslife

May 16

Productivity to the Limit

This may have been the most productive week of my life:
Work/gym/ran Monday-Wednesday,
Dinner date with SG Thursday,
Ran after work Friday,
Got Mont fixed and passed motorcycle learner’s permit test Saturday,
Groceries/laundry today.
Also, I’ve got my interview with the Dept of Health in Chester on Wednesday this week, and depending on how that goes, I may have a new (higher paying) job in the near future. Worst case scenario: I do poorly in the interview and still have my job at CRL, but best case: new job, higher pay, and state employment benefits. I just worry that I would take the state job, hate it, and not be able to go back to CRL. I guess we’ll see how it goes on Wednesday - no use worrying or thinking too much about it until then.
I’m hoping NE gets his permit soon so we can sign up for a motorcycle safety class together, otherwise I’m just going to do it on my own. Clearly, I’m not trying to wait until the Fall to get a bike.
Other than that, it’s a relaxing Sunday evening - nothing to do but rest up for the week (which will undoubtedly be super busy like last week).

May 11
This made me pretty happy today.  Borrowed from PinkinInk.

This made me pretty happy today.  Borrowed from PinkinInk.

One week down…

It’s been a busy week or so, since I got a wake-up call from my parents that Jesus Christ, [I] need to get my life in order.  Strangely, things have been falling into place without me completely killing myself:

Work-wise:  My contract, while still being extended a week at a time, is nearing it’s completion as HR finishes up paperwork (compensation, etc.).  HOWEVER, I also got a call today about an interview offer with the PA Dept of Health, Bureau of Laboratories, in Chester, for a Microbiologist position.  I need to call early tomorrow to see if they can reschedule, otherwise I’ll have to be there at 9 am next Wednesday.  I absolutely want the position, but I’m going to feel like a complete ass to leave CRL after they’ve gone through all the trouble of literally creating a position for me.  Really, though, I feel like now isn’t the time in my life to let an offer of something better pass me by, so I’m going to at least pursue it and see where it leads.

Girl-wise:  Sam and I are in the weird pseudo-relationship stage, where it’s understood that we’re totally into each other, but we’re nice and busy with our own lives that we hang out when we get the chance, but it’s not overwhelming.  Surprisingly, it isn’t as much of a hassle as I thought it would be to cart her ass around due to the lack of driver’s license.  And her smell - absolutely addictive.  Again, I don’t plan to let the possibility of dating an amazing girl (who is just as nerdy as I am) pass me by.  Even I’m noticing a pattern.

Fun-wise:  I’m really going on Saturday to get my motorcycle permit, even though I know my parents would absolutely shit if they were to know.  Thinking ahead, though, buying a motorcycle and using it to commute would save me so much on gas, plus it’d be cool to learn how to maintain (and repair, likely) a bike.  Also, the insurance is surprisingly cheap (Progressive - around $170/year).  Yeah, not letting the chance to learn a badass skill pass me by either.

Family-wise:  My mom got an enormous flower arrangement delivered to her on Saturday (before she could even think for a second that I forgot Mother’s Day), and she loved it.  She seems to be over Blue and White weekend, which is great, and she was glad to hear all of my good news.

Health-wise: I’ve gone to the gym the past 2 days and kicked my own ass, and been eating (relatively) healthy.  The weekend was rough, as we all drank a good amount and didn’t really have a particularly interesting time, but we survived and no one made a complete asshole of themselves.  TC and I woke up on Saturday, not knowing if we’d hooked up (I was motivated by her describing how she had 19 piercings, and later I found out that her massive tits were fake), and Sunday, Same and I woke up not knowing if we’d had sex the night before (we made up for it that morning).

That’s about all the categories that matter, and things are really looking up.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Microbiologist position, with Sam, and with the motorcycle stuff.  Stay tuned, and in the meantime, I’ll stay focused.

Apr 27
This made me feel much better, and makes me want to have kids that I can force into loving comic books as much as I do.

This made me feel much better, and makes me want to have kids that I can force into loving comic books as much as I do.

Ups, and Downs

This week started off great:  I found out that, most-likely, my contract position at the lab will be made full-time in the near future.  The company also acquired a huge Chinese biopharmaceutical company, which had a site at the Naval Yard, which has amazing facilities.  Furthermore, many of the facilities are geared toward viral clearance (my department).  AND, our department is going to start training in viral purification, meaning we won’t have to work directly with the clients anymore (and we’ll be at least twice as busy as we’ve been, further justifying my position).  Great!

THEN, I got in touch with SG, the girl from Wayne, who traveled up to Penn State with us for BLUEWHITE2010, asked her out for Thursday, and she (very enthusiastically, I might add) agreed! AWESOME!

So I’m firing on all cylinders, planning out the rest of my week, exchanged a pair of work trousers at the mall, and on the way home - Record stops - I get a call from my father explaining that he’s “worried about the drinking”.  Are you fucking serious?

I mean, yes, I went to Penn State over the weekend and drank quite a bit, along with about 100 thousand of my fellow alumni.  Apparently, I horrified my mother just in time for Mother’s Day.  FUCK.

So essentially, my parents see me for all of about 1-out-of-every-200 days, and when on one of them in 10 (yes, 1-in-2000, or 1-in-6 years), and I’m drinking with my friends, they worry that it’s all we do.  They forget that I’ve been consistently running 20 miles per week, earning a full-time job, registering and studying for the GRE to go back for a PsyD degree, and consistently dating beautiful (and wonderful) girls.

My mother apparently explained that I was a train wreck after the tailgate on Saturday, cursing and embarrassing myself in front of her on the way to our hotel (“our” being my friends and mine - mom wasn’t staying there).  However, what she missed was us going back out to the bars and having a completely regular night, sitting around a few tables and laughing and talking with some of my best friends in the world.  No police, no screaming or fighting or ANYTHING.

I’m almost past the point of even trying to argue with them about it - They think I’m an out-of-control drunk asshole, and I’m not likely to change their minds anytime soon.  All I can do is keep to myself, keep improving, and continuing to do my best with what I’ve got.  But really, I just want to tell them to fuck themselves, clearly, sounding like the typical 15-year-old son (even though I’m 25).

My week, which started off SO ridiculously well, is now in the trash, thanks in part to my parents over-reacting, and also my inability to not be the center of attention when in a group of my friends drinking.  Again, thanks a lot, booze!